College Uniform

Sense of belonging, sense of pride!

Our aim is to establish a positive community identity for our College, educating students in a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment. All students are expected to be dressed in school uniform. We are very proud of our students and the uniform they wear. In support of this, the Uniform Policy is aligned to the College’s, Good Standing Policy. 

The benefits of a dress code include:

  • promoting the safety of students through easier identification and appropriate attire
  • creating inclusivity
  • assisting students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation
  • build school pride and a sense of community
  • keeping costs of clothing within reasonable limits for parents

Policy Statement

Acceptance of enrolment at Hammond Park Secondary College assumes an agreement between the parent/guardian and the enrolling student, that the student will dress in accordance with the College’s Uniform Policy. Every student is expected to comply with the College Uniform Policy. Students are expected to be dressed in a neat and tidy manner at all times and ensure they have the appropriate clothing needs for any particular day. 

Accepted school uniform attire MUST have the college logo embroided on them and in purchasing new, are only available from:

Uniform Concepts, located 24/26 Solomon Road, Jandakot. 

Please refer to the uniform items, price list and order by clinking on the link below or contact Uniform Concepts directly on 08 9270 4650.