Homeroom Program 2024

Homeroom is an integral part of the school day, and the college’s wellbeing approach. At the start of the day, four days a week students will meet with their homeroom class, and the teacher will deliver the SEL program based on PERMAH. The Homeroom teacher is there to support the individual students’ needs and get to know the students really well, whilst monitoring their wellbeing, academic progress, attendance and they will liaise with the Wellbeing Team when required.

The Homeroom is designed so the students develop strong connections with one another and the teacher who will follow them through from Year 7 to graduation. The Homeroom teacher will report on student progress during formal reporting periods and Parent Interview Evening's.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Term 1
Science of Happiness
The Resilience Project
Term 2
Emotional Awareness
Science of Happiness
Relationships 1
The Resilience Project
Term 3
Emotional Awareness continued
Character Strengths
Relationships 2
The Resilience Project
Term 4
Self Esteem
GEM: Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness
The Resilience Project