Enrolments for Year 7's 2025 open in April 2024.


Only permanent residents of Australia and those children holding an approved visa sub class number are eligible to be enrolled in government schools.

Applications for enrolment are processed according to Department of Education procedures. An application for enrolment form 'PART A' is available clicking link below:

DOWNLOAD- Hammond Park SC Part A Enrolment Application

Please complete one form for each child and attach the documents listed on page 3 of the Application for Enrolment form.

Please note: This is an Application for Enrolment only – submitting this form to the school does not mean that the enrolment has been accepted by the school.

You will be notified by the school Principal if your application has or has not been accepted at the earliest opportunity. In the majority of cases, parents/guardians will be advised within 48 hours.

It is a requirement of the Education Department that any information on suspensions and exclusions must be provided to the school at the time of applying to enrol a child.

See 'College Local Intake Area' map below:

The school must be promptly informed of any change to details provided (including email address) and where necessary, the proof of residential address must be resubmitted. Please direct changes to: HammondPark.SC.Enrolments@education.wa.edu.au


Students living outside the local intake area are welcome to apply for enrolment by submitting an Application to Enrolment form.

If you are unsure if you fall into the college's local intake area, you can find this information at Schools Online. Alternatively, you can contact the college on 9395 3800 or hammondpark.sc.enrolments@educ...

The school will consider all applications and reply individually to each applicant; however, due to student numbers’ pressure, it is highly unlikely we will have spaces available in 2023 and 2024. We suggest that alternative arrangements are considered at an early date so that you are aware of the options.

At the end of Term 3, applications from parents/guardians outside our local intake area are considered for the following year. The number is determined by the school’s capacity to accommodate further enrolments at the Principal’s discretion.

A school with a local intake area can only consider offering places to students from outside the local intake area if long term spare accommodation capacity is available.  The school takes into account future local growth when determining its spare accommodation capacity.  An enrolment application cannot be approved unless the school is able to accommodate a student for each year, they could attend the school. 

Enrolment applications from outside the local intake area are approved in the following priority order:

*  a child who qualifies for an approved specialist program (at Hammond Park SC this is the specialist learning program for ASD students) for that year, many of these programs are in secondary schools;

*  a child who has a sibling enrolled for that year and lives closest to the school, except where the sibling is in an approved specialist program;

*  a child who lives closest to the school and does not have a sibling enrolled for that year or has a sibling in an approved specialist program.

Enrolment applications from students outside the local intake area will be declined if the school has no long term capacity to accommodate additional students.