New Beginnings- Creating a Brand New Secondary College

Logo Design & Creation - The 'Backstory'

In 2019, a design process was undertaken to develop a brand identity and logo that encompassed the values and ethos of Hammond Park Secondary College. Throughout this process, we consulted with our community and more specifically, members of the College's Inaugural Advisory Board. Some of our journey in relation to logo and branding is depicted here:

From here, in working with a marketing and design group, the following ideas were shaped in the form of potential college logos:

In the end, shown below, we selected a college logo that we felt was a true representation of us, our vision, and the directions we were heading. The Hammond Park Secondary College logo is influenced by the structure and symbolism of a tree. The strong foundation is represented in the roots, which is symbolised through the open book. The many levels of schooling are shown through the leaf-like pages growing upwards and out. The essence of this logo reflects the nurturing guidance our college offers the students, parents and staff.