The Specialist Music Program at Hammond Park Secondary College is a dynamic and enriched program that supports your child to grow musically and personally in a supportive environment that understands musical creativity. 

We offer a program that anchors theory in practice, and actively develops your child’s creative potential through collaborative rehearsal processes, song writing and performance. The practical nature of our program design equips students with skills and experiences that enable them to fully engage in the act of ‘making music’ for life.

HPSC has state of the art music and performing arts facilities which include large open, collaborative spaces, specialised rehearsal rooms and a purpose built Performing Arts Centre which allows students to experience performance in a professional environment.

If your child is interested in music, we invite them to apply for our Specialist Music Program! 

Please complete the form below to allow HPSC to understand your child’s musical experience and plan the selection process, where students will be invited to participate in an audition / workshop and interview at the College. 

All are welcome, and beginners are encouraged to apply.