College Vision and Values

Our Vision

We want the College to be at the heart of our local community through the development of strong relationships with our families, local business, and organisations to ensure students have a diverse range of engaging opportunities and experiences.

Hammond Park Secondary College seeks to challenge our staff to do things differently, to utilise our collective efficacy to unlock the potential of each student, empowering them to be resilient and compassionate, and strive for excellence.

Our Values

Hammond Park Secondary College has identified three values that are integral to the work we undertake at the college. These values will guide our decisions and directions, and ensure we keep focused on what truly impacts our community.

1.       Wellbeing

We ensure wellbeing is at the centre of what we do, cultivating a thriving learning community.

2.       Excellence

We strive for excellence in teaching and learning and empower all members of our learning community to be innovative, develop curiosity, and be courageous in their learning journeys.

3.       Relationships

We foster strong, connected relationships to support and enrich the lives of all members of our learning community.

Empowering our community to connect, innovate, and thrive in a dynamic world.

— Hammond Park Secondary College